Domestic (₹) Prices of Plastic Scrap & Dana (re-processed Granules N2V

Use Plastic-ScrapWala Mobile app to know Daily Plastic Scrap Prices and Up Down Trends

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Indicative Online Scrap prices for all Plastics and Other Salient Features .

  1. Domestic prices of all types of Plastic Scrap -- PET, PP, HD, LD, LLD, PVC, HIPS, ABS etc.
  2. Users can create Watchlist for quick view.
  3. Price trend indicator also available.
  4. Highest and Lowest Prices also indicated in the App.
  5. Scrap Prices are updated regularly with changes in the market.
  6. Historical Prices and Charts also available.

Plastic Scrap and Dana Prices (₹) are available on Plastic-ScrapWala mobile App:

ABS Dana HDPE Dana
ABS Scrap HDPE Scrap

HIPS Scrap LDPE Scrap

LLDPE Dana PET scrap
LLDPE Scrap Polyester scrap

PP Dana PVC Scrap
PP Scrap

Advantages of tracking Plastic Scrap and Dana Prices (₹) via Plastic-ScrapWala mobile App

  1. Price is updated for all type of plastic scrap and recycled granules (next to virgin).
  2. Users can view historical price in table and graph to understand recent price trend.
  3. Users can create their own custom watch list and view it using 'My Watchlist' function.
  4. Prices are indicative of consensus of market participants. Users can post specific Buy and Sell Offers
  5. Users can update profile and become Verfied! Users to improve response rate from counter parties

Very well done Soniji. I am using this app since 1.5 years approximately.You are truly amazing,this app is having everything if you are doing pet recycling.5 for every single report its domestic or international.Hats off!!

Chander Kohli

Plastic-ScrapWala Mobile App paid subscriber

Among others similar app this app is practical and sensible. And there is lot more things can be added and improved. This team seams to be in correct direction to achieve more solution for this unorganised RECYCLED PET sector.

Mohammed Imtiyaz

Plastic-ScrapWala Mobile App paid subscriber

This app is very useful for daily business. It give us news of PET Scrap market which is helpful for business.Very very nice app!!

Vikram Singh

Plastic-ScrapWala Mobile App paid subscriber

Best app for PET RECYCLING LINE.Too much useful app in PET market for all buyers and sellers. Good work sir!

Chirag Prajapati

Plastic-ScrapWala Mobile App paid subscriber